A sample of some of our projects and customers:

Repaired, replaced and upgraded VDoT's wireless traffic monitoring camera network in Vienna, Tysons and McLean, VA. Network consists of point-to-point links, point-to-multipoint links and point-to-point backhaul links.
Designed and installed 19 BridgeWave links @ 1 Gbps full-duplex for Social Security Administration in Baltimore/Woodlawn, MD in partnership with EDS, an HP Enterprise Services Company.
Performed WLAN Validation Survey at Alexandria Hospital, Alexandria, VA and Fair Oaks Hospital, Fairfax, VA. Total area surveyed was approx. 1 million sq. ft.

Installation and maintenance of a 100 Mbps point-to-point wireless link between 2 hospital facilities in Annandale, VA.
Designed and installed 7 point-to-point links in the 5.8 GHz unlicensed band and 11 and 23 GHz licensed bands with a full duplex bandwidth ranging from 100 Mbps to 430 Mbps. Maintaining and supporting 10 point-to-point links in Sterling, Ashburn and Leesburg, VA.

Installed multiple wireless "hot spots" for public safety use around the county.

Relocated and installed communications equipment for the Office of Emergency Management.
Designed and installed three wireless point-to-point links @ 1 Gbps and a 7-node wireless mesh network for video surveillance in Frederick, MD and Gaithersburg, MD. Maintenance and support of installed wireless networks.
Turn-key design, installation , configuration and training for a 300-user, voice over WLAN Vocera communication system. Performed several wireless site validation surveys. Maintaining the system, providing training and engineering services to nursing and IT staff.
Relocated and installed 2 point-to-point wireless links @ 1 Gbps to provide network & Internet connectivity from the main campus to 2 remote dormatories. Maintaining and supporting both links.