Prime Performance Technologies, Inc. (PPT) PPT offers additional Vocera services that are available as part of a Customized Services package and on an ad-hoc basis. These servicees include -

Wireless Site Survey, Wireless Validation Survey and Remediation

A healthcare facility planning to deploy a Vocera system must have a robust wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure with ubiquitous coverage, a good signal level and a low noise floor.

PPT's WLAN capabilities can be found under Wireless LAN.

Besides a high-end and highly accurate, location-based, Wi-Fi data capture tool, PPT owns a spectrum analyzer that is capable of scanning all frequencies from 10 MHz to 3 GHz, including Medical Telemetry.

Deployment Services

PPT works work with Vocera on initial deployments to ensure a smooth transition to post-deployment support services. The exact tasks undertaken by either company on any particular deployment can vary.

Organizations frequently undertake major system changes and expansions. These events include adding departments, locations, introducing new communication devices and upgrading to high-availability configurations. PPT performs these expansions and upgrades. Coordination with Vocera is not required.

For details on PPT's Vocera Services offerings, please consult Vocera Support Services Program Document.