Prime Performance Technologies, Inc. (PPT) is a wireless systems integrator providing products and services to government and commercial organizations in the mid-Atlantic region since 1991. Besides undertaking wireless infrastructure projects on a turn-key basis, PPT also provides professional services to other organizations to assist with the design, integration, installation, documentation, testing, deployment, training and maintenance support.

PPT has performed wireless implementation audits, undertaken troubleshooting and repair tasks, provided post-implementation maintenance and support.

PPT is one of very few organizations around the country with the skill and experience in implementation and remidiation of voice over wireless LAN networks.

We are able to identify and isolate sources of interference using spectrum analyzers with a range from 100 MHz to 3 GHz which includes medical telemetry, 2-way radio, cellular (and PCS), cellular data, 900 MHz unlicensed, 2.4 Ghz unlicensed and 2.5 GHz unlicensed bands.