Vocera is a communication system that can deliver significant increases in caregiver productivity and improvements in patient care. Ensuring that the system continues to deliver these gains over its life-cycle requires continuous system monitoring and user training along with a frequent check of the wireless infrastructure.

PPT has a “high-touch”, “high-visibility” approach to its services. Our personnel are on-site every week and visit each department where Vocera has been deployed. During each visit, they collect malfunctioning hardware under warranty, anecdotal information (coverage issues, recognition issues) and are available to answer questions, provide assistance to users and conduct one-on-one training on particular features, as required. The data that we collect highlights areas that we need to investigate, escalate or fix. Overall this approach leads to higher user acceptance, shorter intervals to problem resolution and a better return on investment.

Support services customers are required to provide access to Vocera servers at their location(s) through a secure remote access facility.

PPT's Total Care Package Includes -

Help Desk

Trouble Tickets

RMA Handling

Database Management

Vocera Reports


Patches, Service Packs and System Upgrades

Wireless Network, Vocera Server, Vocera Telephony Server and PBX Problems

For details, please consult PPT's Vocera Support Services Program Document.